What if you could harness the power of your data?

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In order to thrive in today’s data driven World, your organization must be able to manage your data assets more effectively.

What is TETRA®

Solutions Powered by TETRA®

Communications Analysis Portal

Powered by TETRA, the CAP enables fast and precise communications data archival, deconfliction, and analysis. The CAP seamlessly integrates many different types of communications data including jail phone records, extraction device formats, CDR requests, wire data and even ISP data.

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Communications Analysis Portal (CAP)


Law Enforcement Agencies around the world are focused on obtaining evidence to support criminal investigations. Today’s criminal networks depend on efficient and effective communications to conduct their nefarious affairs.

Harness the Power of Your DataTM

The CAP powered by TETRA Platform, enables fast and precise communications data archival, deconfliction, and analysis.

With the explosion of hand held and mobile devices it is growing more and more difficult for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities to organize and understand the mounting historical information.

Understanding how each and every file fits into the big picture can be critical to the next lead, or to understanding a broad pattern of communications and relationships that develops over some period of time.

Contact us for more information at 240.404.7740 x504 or sales@TETRA.software.

Actionable Information

  • Within minutes, communications data is extracted, archived, de-conflicted and analyzed.
  • Matches generated during this analysis are promptly communicated to affected case officers and analysts.
  • Instantly pinpoint and disseminate critical information that may not otherwise be revealed using traditional technologies and methods.

Free 30-Day Trial

Act now to take advantage of our limited time, risk-free 30-day trial. You can use your own fully functioning version of the CAP free for 30 days. At the end of your trial, if you choose not to subscribe, you have the option to export your data and keep it.

Contact Us to get started with your free trial now.

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For more information, contact sales at 240.404.7740 x504 or sales@TETRA.software.

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"Instead of looking for needles in haystacks, we are now finding haystacks of needles."
- Washington/Baltimore HIDTA

"Almost all of our investigations now include some sort of cellular analytics. Until recently, there was no centralized resource or standardized process for us to query numbers and receive valuable intelligence. Just about all of our records, whether they were CDR, CelleBrite or others were completely unsearchable.

With the addition of the CAP, we are now able to search through all of our historical communications data, submit new files in real-time from any location with internet, and identify matches in less than a minute."
- Ventura County Sheriff's Office

In partnership with Microsoft Azure, Law Enforcement Agencies are able to securely host the CAP on independent instances of Azure.

Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards including Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS. Microsoft was also the first to adopt the uniform international code of practice for cloud privacy, ISO/IEC 27018, which governs the processing of personal information by cloud service providers.

TETRA Healthcare Federator

A state-of-the-art hybrid (physical and virtual) data federation and integration capability for any number of healthcare information technologies. Supports the union and collaboration of disparate clinical healthcare data repositories and technologies.

TETRA Healthcare Federator

The healthcare industry is producing data at an enormous rate and your organization will either thrive, or falter depending on how well that complex healthcare data can be fused into actionable information. Complicating matters, Data is not just peacefully sitting by; waiting to be understood. Data is highly volatile, being ignited in multiple formats, mainframes, legacy systems, databases, custom applications, healthcare exchange formats, and the open Internet.

TETRA Healthcare FederatorTM empowers organizations with an agile, dynamic, and innovative product dramatically increasing business performance, while drastically reducing time and resources required to understand the needs of your business.

Less Money, Less Time, More Results

TETRA Software understands that when projects require large-scale data federation and integration across multiple technologies, data structures, and physical locations; integration challenges can quickly overwhelm project teams with high levels of complexity and cost oftentimes leading to significant project delays, under-delivery of expected capabilities, and even failed projects.

What is needed is a system that provides a high-level of abstraction, reducing complexity of implementation, while enhancing agility, security, and performance…

TETRA Healthcare FederatorTM is that system. It advances state-of-the-art in many ways, including the ability to uniquely create and publish Web Services as "Data Sources" with automatic in-context caching in order to guarantee fast access to the most current operational data, real-time transactional operations, without having to physically reconcile or move any data. These TETRA ServicesTM also play an integral part in mission success, enabling implementation teams to wrap highly complex technical transformations into consumable information for business users requiring reusable components across the enterprise.

TETRA Healthcare FederatorTM, in combination with TETRA Web ServicesTM, empowers customers with an innovative, future poof ecosystem for data federation, data consolidation, and data virtualization. Regardless of where, or in what format your data resides, TETRA Healthcare FederatorTM provides access to content as if they were a single source, along with the management, transformations, security, and architecture that you should expect.

Leverage Any Data Source

One primary capability that separates TETRA Healthcare FederatorTM from the traditional RDBMS data federator is the ability to use any type of data source. Agility to communicate with a diverse set of persistent storage technologies, including document databases, is key to the enterprise both current and future.

Read and query operations are supported, of course. But, it’s not just about Reading data. Write, update, and delete operations to disparate databases, web services, and custom APIs at the storage layer are all supported, while normalizing schema and content for each target system through intuitive, visually-oriented orchestration of business processes and data services.

Truly Parallel Processing

The true power in this capability is that is that any number of simultaneous web services can be called and orchestrated, each implementing their own business rules for dynamic data correlation. In addition, TETRA ServicesTM can handle complex data structures, any type or complexity of business logic, and shared or independent security requirements within each service, effectively encapsulating complexities and dependencies at a macro level. For instance, one or more services can use a custom two-factor authentication with x.509 Certificates for integration across the inter-enterprise; while a different group on the same server uses a completely different method.

There are no limits…

Flexible and Extensible

TETRA Healthcare FederatorTM is extensible via TETRA AppsTM, empowering you with a "support-for-anything" design pattern for external data adapters (connectivity), data formats, business rules, content transformation, and business intelligence.

TETRA Healthcare FederatorTM provides many Apps "out-of-the-box" to interact with a wide assortment of data sources, and common data transformations. Extensibility is provided via the TETRA AppsTM SDK, and extreme agility is made possible by the data-agnostic TETRA Runtime, ingesting varying schemas and content formats from a wide assortment of data sources including RDBMS, legacy non-relational databases, NoSQL, documents and document databases, applications APIs, and custom data formats in simultaneous fashion.

Contact us for more information at 240.404.7740 x504 or sales@TETRA.software.

Key Capabilities

  • Data Migrations & Conversions
  • Inter-enterprise Data Sharing
  • Support for BI and Data Warehousing (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, others)
  • Master Data Management
  • Delivery of Data Services in a SOA Context
  • Unified Logging & Audit as an Enterprise Service
  • Intelligent Cache as an Enterprise Service

TETRA Professional Services

TETRA Software Professional Services leverages the dynamic architecture and runtime of the TETRA Platform to deliver your custom project or product ahead of schedule and under budget.

TETRA Solutions Delivery

Our solutions delivery team is made up of highly skilled technical and business resources that build and execute TETRA Products and Solutions to solve complex and large-scale data problems.

Benefits of Solutions Powered by TETRA

  • Provide huge increases in data interoperability, flexibility, security and reporting without changing applications or infrastructure
  • Unite data and information silos quickly
  • Reduced costs in O&M for existing applications and new projects
  • Leverage lower cost data professionals rather than software developers
  • Support smaller agile application development that can deliver mission critical Apps in weeks, not months/years
  • Can extend hardware and software EOL, reducing costs
  • Allow for enterprise data dictionaries standards

Advantages vs. Traditional Approaches

  • Integrated Components work right out-of-the-box
  • Greater productivity for developers who can focus on business logic
  • Greater reuse of developer projects / Apps
  • Faster time from concept to final solution
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Results Matter TETRA Software

Where We Began

For nearly two decades, our leadership team has successfully created and managed companies, products and projects in multiple industries across 30+ different countries.

In 2010, the TETRA Platform was created to help capitalize on a growing and fractured data landscape and associated technologies, opportunities and challenges.

Where We Are Going

Results MatterTM

Our customer's success is our number one priority and drives our company vision.

The TETRA Platform enhances and seamlessly integrates into your existing environment. With TETRA, you can accomplish your goals faster and more efficiently than was ever possible.

Lasting Value

TETRA Software leverages the .NET framework and Microsoft technologies. It is purpose built to be scalable, flexible, secure and reliable.

Leadership TETRA's leadership team guides our product creation and company growth while focusing on our company motto…Results Matter TM

Advisory Board

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